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Every garage door has several different types of springs that help it operate efficiently. These springs are lightweight, yet they can each remain in place despite the pressure of several hundred pounds from the garage door. A broken spring can quickly escalate into an emergency situation, especially when it snaps when the garage door is in the up position. The door will crash to the ground in this case, crushing people and objects in its path. Fortunately, broken springs usually occur when garage doors are down.

No matter what the position of the door when a spring snaps, you don’t want to take the risk of injury or damage by trying to fix it without expert help. We are close by and we don’t want to see you get hurt. Our technicians will determine what caused the springs to break and quickly replace them. We will also let you know the condition of your garage door springs during a routine maintenance appointment. Many service providers in Staten Island, NY fail in this area.

Torsion Springs

Torsion springs are another type of springs present in your garage door. They uncoil when you open the door and coil back up again when you close it. The top of your garage door contains a strong beam that sends power to the springs so they do the necessary work to open or close the door. These springs can also hold pressure equaling hundreds of pounds. Unfortunately, torsion spring can break suddenly after several years of daily use.

Every torsion spring plays a different role and has slightly different dimensions. Without having industry training, you may not be able to spot the differences in diameter, length, and wire size. This is critical knowledge when it comes to repairing or replacing torsion springs. The experienced team at Neighborhood Garage Door Service knows what each of these differences mean and how they affect the operation of your garage door. They can even tell you at what point you can expect the springs to fail.

Extension Springs 

Extension springs use a combination of extension and constriction to open your garage door. It is these springs that make it possible for our service technicians to place heavy machinery in your garage door system. Without them, the garage door would not be able to hold onto anything so dense. They also withstand hundreds of pounds of pressure and can break suddenly due to wear or inattention.